Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Face ampoules - Splash beauty to your life

Want to look young , beautiful and graceful forever ?

Try this face ampoules which cost only $2.00 per vial . A box of 10 is only $20.00

Why buy from Spa and beauty saloon who are selling at $250-$350 per box ???

My family has tried and the result is very very good. I would not want to use my own face

for testing, right ? I am looking for long term business and hope that you will come back to me after buying.

We have following different ampoules for different skin type :

- Whitening ampoules

- Vitamin C ampoules

- Azulenn ampoules

- DNA ampoules

- Mandarin ampoules

- Soothing ampoules

- Whitening ampoules

- Revitalizing ampoules

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